Friday, April 4, 2014

A Darker Perspective

Hiker and I have always visited Vasquez Rocks on sunny days. Well the other day, it was dark and cloudy and we were actually having a few drops of rain, but I just felt like getting out for a hike. Hiker and I headed up to Agua Dulce and to the county park.

Luckily I had put my camera in the car because I noticed that the cloudy day gave me a different perspective of the rocks. The darkness causes the rocks to appear to have different colors than when the sun is out.

The clouds created great shadowing over the rocks.

I never realized how much red was in these rocks.

The rock bands seemed to stand out more.

The rocks seemed to take different shapes than what I've seen before.

The clouds brought an "eeriness" to the landscape.

I was really pleased with my photos on this day.